Datasheet for UV222™

Designed to meet and not exceed IEC/EN 62471 and ACGIH 222nm UV Threshold Limit Values (TLV) for human exposure.

Main specs

Light source Mercury-free excimer lamp
Wave length 222 nm
Output 130 mW (Typical)
Input voltage 85-305V AC 50/60HZ
Mode Continuous / Duty Cycle / Human Sensor
Max power consumption
Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 303.45 x 120 x 75.25 mm
Power lead
3 x 0.75 mm²
Operating temperature
0 to +50°C


UV222™ Far UV-C excimer lamp with an optical band-pass filter

 A typical KrCl* 222 nm Far UV-C excimer lamp without an optical band-pass filter

Beam angle

The standard beam angle for UV222™ is 60°, but every lamp is measured after production and sent with its unique specifications report.


The lamp includes an installation bracket for fixing the lamp on any surface.

Ready for the future of disinfection?

UV222™: For a safer and healthier future.


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