Seminar at DTU Risø Campus
UV-light sources and applications

The Photonics Department of the Danish Technical University, DTU Fotonik, and DOLL Quality Lab organized a one day seminar at DTU Risø Campus about UV light sources for medical, industrial and Covid-19 applications.
DTU Fotonik is an important player in the research of UV light for health applications. In particular, the Diode Laser and LED System group, headed by Prof. Paul Michael Petersen, works on the development of new photonic technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. They have observed that ultraviolet light has a promising potential for reducing infection in humans, suggesting a new treatment concept for chronic infections around implants. These systems based on nanotechnology and photon activated disinfection could reduce the need for surgical treatments or antibiotics, fighting thus antibiotic resistance, one of the biggest threats to global health.