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By agreeing with this disclaimer, we hereby acknowledge:
  • that, prior to the use of the UV222™, we received the Technical & Installation Manual, including the “SAFETY REGULATIONS”, for the UV222™ described above (“Installation Manual”) from UV Medico A/S  

  • that we have red and understood the Installation Manual and that we are aware of the content of the legal regulations (ISO 15858, ACGIH 2021 TVL&BEI) related to the operation and the use of the UV222™.

  • that we shall follow UV Medico’s recommendations and instructions regarding the programming and use of the UV222™ as stated in the Installation Manual throughout the entire installation and use of the UV222™. 

  • that we will keep our direct, indirect and/or end customer(s) and any persons to whom we transfer the possession/responsibility of the UV222™ or allow access to the use of the UV222™ ,is informed and aware of the content of the Installation Manual and legal regulations as stated in terms above.